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Trung Tien company

Trung Tien Limited liability Construction Company ( Trung Tien construction cooperation) is established on 5th April 1993.

Trung Tien company is doing business in 3 industries : Construction, Real estate and transportation

Trung Tien Thinh (vantaitrungtienthinh.com) is its member, specialized in transportation.

After 20 years establishing and developing with the slogan : ‘ Best Quality-Best Price-Strong Believe’ , The company is trying to reach the goal of being one of the most successful companies and existing in evoked list of customers’ mind in 3 above industries.

General information:

Vietnamese name : Cty TNHH xây dựng Trung Tiến

English name : Trung Tien Limited liability Constructor Company

Short name: Trung Tien company

Address: 553 tk ¼ Tran Hung Dao street, Cau Kho ward, dis.1, HCM city

Phone: 08 38 368939

Brand office : 930b4 B street, Cát Lái Industry area, dis.2, HCM city

Phone: 08 37422 125Fax: 0837 422 125

Email : ctxdtrungtien@yahoo.com.vn

Website : http://trungtienthinh.vn / Trungtien.com.vn

Business register code : 300985478-1

Capital : 450 billion VND

Director :MBA. Tran Phuoc Chieu


  1. Establishing and developing process

Trung Tien Limited liability Constructor Company ( Trung Tien constructor cooperation)  is established on 5 April 1993. At first, the company only did business as a contractor in only Constructor industry.

At that time, Trung Tien Company had to rent specialized motorbikes and equipment with high price because of lacking money to buy them. This led to spending too much money renting with little effectiveness. Therefore, the company could not satisfy investors’ requirement and compete with others. As a results, the company’s ability in bidding for contract was not qualified enough for many projects.  To solve the problem, the leaders of companies got a plan to equip the company with suitable motorbikes and specialized equipment. As a result, at the beginning of 1995, Trung Tien company was able to bid for contract and being main contractor of projects worth billions VND.

To keep up with the market demands in constructor industry, Trung Tien Company imported many specialized equipment, machines from oversea and trained employees very well and the company was aiming to execute qualified projects with suitable price in competitive market. Until 2002, the company had ability to execute big projects worth hundreds billion VND.

The business strength is in constructing infrastructure in new urban area and industry area. Currently, with 10 constructing and filling teams, 1 container team and a system of many building material stores, Trung Tien Company is doing multiple projects with different sizes in Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces.

Paralleling to constructor industry, the company continues to do business in real estate as an investor of new residential area project and takes part in Houses and Buildings Trade. After significant success in classifying lots and selling foundation projects accompanied with Trung Tien company‘s vision and developing orient, the company expand the business to another field, Villas, office apartment For Rent and there is an significant project with 42  luxury villas and 300 flats with 174 hectare area in administration Center of District 2.

In other to varying products and expand business operation activities, the company invested and used up its resources with 100 containers which are made from the USA, 10 000 m2 parking area  along with Logistics service available in Cat Lai Industry ( nearby Cat Lai Harbor)  . Trung Tien Company attended Containers Transportation market and now it is on the way to build strong brand in this industry.

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