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 Trung Tien Limited liability Constructor Company

Trung Tien Limited liability Constructor Company ( Trung Tien constructor cooperation) is established on 5 April 1993. Trung Tien Thinh is its member, specialise in transportation.

Trung Tien company is doing business in 3 industries : Construction, Real estate and transportation. The company is trying to reach the goal of being one of the most successful companies and existing in evoked list of customers’ mind in 3 above industries.

 Trung Tien company

Capital : 450 Billion VND

Address: 553 tk ¼ Tran Hung Dao street, Cau Kho ward, dis.1, HCM city

Brand office : 930b4 B street, Cát Lái Industry area, dis.2, HCM city

Email :hanh.trungtienthinh@gmail.com

Phone: 0933 465 270 ( ms Hanh)

Website: trungtien.com.vn / trungtienthinh.vn

Fanpage: facebook.com/TrungTienVillage

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